Purobeach, Palma de Mallorca – Review

Beach clubs seem to be all the rave these days. And rightly so, a few have become world renowned from Nikki Beach in Marbella, to Ushuaia in Ibiza, and Purobeach in Palma de Mallorca. We visited the latter, Purobeach, to learn more about what makes it one of the top beach clubs in the world.

Located in Palma, and protruding out in to the mediterranean on it’s own, perhaps one of the first things you’ll notice about Purobeach is that it’s in such a convenient location that you can stay in the heart of Palma and still find an escape by the beach to top up your tan.

As with Puro Hotel, Purobeach is also more of a lifestyle concept. Chilled, downbeat house music plays in the background at a low, comfortable volume which really sets the mood for a day relaxing by the sea. In fact, Purobeach’s music has been so popular, they’ve just released their ninth volume album, Purobeach Volumen Nueve, mixed by Seamless Recording’s Ben Sowton and Graham Sahara. For more info on Volumen Nueve, check out our review by clicking here.

Purobeach is designed much like Puro Hotel (click here for more on that). It’s designed to stimulate the senses and provide a greater level of comfort then your average beach. The beach club is designed mainly in whites, with deep black accents to smooth it out. The pool veers away from the usual blue/green and white tiling for a chic black look that reminds us of hip hop music videos set by a pool in miami. The clientele match. The finest holidaymakers in the Balearics frequent the establishment. There’s even an understated classiness about the type of people you’ll find and this is in no small part to the venue. It’s how all cultured venues should be. yes, we’re haut monde and no we don’t need to shout about it through the use of bling and flashy cars.

The staff at Purobeach are all dressed in a white uniform with a t-shirt and thai trousers. There’s also a masseuse at the end of the pool where you can enjoy a massage of varieties including deep tissue, aroma therapy and reflexology massages.


Through out the day, guests are showered with complimentary smoothies to help cool down and keep hydrated. Should one choose to order, there’s a great selection with our personal favourite being the Fresa Colada. A refreshing coconut milk and strawberry smoothie that’s just what the doctor ordered after a hard day lounging in the pool. There’s even a great range of frozen cocktails, soft drinks, wines and champagne. We tried the Puro Red wine which was the greatest value option and yet one of the most popular drinks going around. It’s a light bodied wine which seems to work very well as a day time treat. There’s even a selection of tapas to accompany your drink if you so please.


In the restaurant, there’s a range of starters, mains and desserts to please just about anyone. The deep-fried calamari was a treat. Freshly prepared calamari is something of a novelty these days and here’s where you’ll find the good stuff. The Puro Kebab Club is another worth trying. A mammoth helping of juicy barbecued meat could be just the thing before a night of ‘sampling’ the bars offering of cocktails and spirits.


With so much on offer, it’s easy to see why Purobeach is considered one of the best beach clubs in the world. Just google ‘best beach clubs’ and we’re certain that almost all of the top results will include Purobeach. And one of the best parts is that guests at Puro Hotel enjoy preferential rates and services such as a free shuttle service to and from Purobeach.

To find out more and book your place at Purobeach, be sure to visit www.purobeach.com or by clicking here and check out our Puro Hotel review by clicking here.