Puro Hotel, Palma de Mallorca – Review

This week, we were invited to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to experience all that is Puro Oasis Urbano (translating to Pure Urban Oasis). For those not familiar, simply put, Puro Oasis Urbano (also known as Puro Hotel Palma) is a city centre retreat in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. The whole idea of Puro Oasis Urbano is that it is exactly what the name says. An urban oasis where the senses are stimulated in every possible way. To call it a retreat is simply injustice to the concept. Forget all that retreat talk from earlier. This is a full-on sensual experience. And here’s why;

One of the first things you will notice about Puro Hotel is it’s location. Located in the historical centre of Palma, there’s a vast world to explore within walking distance. Mallorca’s inspirational cathedral, Catedral de Mallorca is less than a 5 minute walk away and also has a museum located within the chapter room. Banys Àrabs, the arabian baths are also by the cathedral and the Plaça del Mercat a short walk north with its art nouveau buildings that are reminiscent of Barcelona.

Walking in to the reception of the hotel, perhaps one of the first things that capture your attention is the beautiful carved wood artwork behind the front desk. From the floor up to the ceiling, and perhaps 3 metres wide, it’s a captivating piece with its intricacies that instantly transports your mind to the far east. The contrast between this, and the all white simple decor has us imagining (and wanting for) a Thai massage by the beach, cool wind breaking the summer heat. We can already tell, this is going to be our kind if place.

In and around the hotel, there’s a scattering of beautiful courtyards and terraces, ground floor and roof, which scream Morroccan riad. We start seeing the extent of the eclectic mix of exotic influences in Puro Oasis Urbano. The courtyards and terraces take queue from the rest of the hotel. An understated simplicity that’s easy on the eyes. Yes, the exotic is definitely present. Yes, it’s quite captivating. But at the same time, it doesn’t take your attention completely away. You won’t spend a great deal of time admiring the beauty. You’ll simply know and feel that you are surrounded by it and that in itself is a virtue.

In the rooms, there’s an elegant monochrome design that continues from the communal areas of the hotel with a scattering of brown leather that makes it feel a great deal more homely. The warmth of the brown leather adds soul to the rooms. And it is a very distinct Puro soul. Around the rooms, there’s furniture of the highest quality. At a guess, we’d say it’s all bespoke, or at the very least, designer. The bathrooms follow a slightly more traditional design that retains some of the modern influences of the room. It isn’t as awe-inspiring as the room, but it’s still very elegant and what you would expect from a great boutique hotel.

The hotel is also host to one of the finer restaurants in town, Opio Bar & Restaurant, where the menu is a blend of mediterranean dishes with eastern influences. The restaurant has a very simple, modern look to it. As with the body of the hotel, there’s courtyards spinning off the restaurant that lead around the hotel. This is where we first noticed the theme of artworks which adorn the walls of the hotel. There are several interesting pieces around the hotel and the restaurant is particularly rich in this area with three marvellous pieces to itself.

Also worth mentioning, guests at Puro Hotel get preferential rates and services at the excellent Puro Beach beach club. You can read more about Puro Beach by clicking here.

A marvellous hotel in a marvellous location, we’re sure you’ll all agree. For further details, and to book a room at Puro Hotel, be sure to visit the website www.purohotel.com and follow the facebook page by clicking here.