19 Crimes Launches CL(INK) Pop Up Serving Ink And A Drink

With the events of the last 18 months, it’s taught us all to live a little wilder so why get yourself a free tattoo thanks to 19 Crimes wine.

This weekend (12th & 1th Sept) 19 Crimes are welcoming guests to their Cl(INK) where fans will have the opportunity to get an 18th century inspired tattoo for free.

The Cl(INK) will be taking place at The Ace Corner Shop, Shoreditch and visitors will be able to choose from a list of 19 designs that have been produced by a carefully selected team of tattoo artists in collaboration with renowned tattoo historian Dr Matt Lodder.

Dr Matt Lodder’s insight and collaboration ensures that the designs are authentically inspired both by the tattoos on the skin of convicts in the 18th century, and by the 18th century-Britain heritage of the 19 Crimes brand. According to the findings, 80% of incarcerated men and women would have been decorated with tattoos by the early 20th century.

According to Dr Matt Lodder, the top 10 most popular tattoos on convicts in the 18th century are:
1. Anchor (15%)
2. Woman (14%)
3. Heart (8%)
4. Man (6%)
5. Star and Stars (6%)
6. Sun (4%)
7. Moon (4%)
8. Mermaid (4%)
9. Dots (3%)
10. Ring (3%)

To give customers an added taste of what an 18th century tattoo experience would have been like, the talented Jack Brown and Connor McNeilly, will be offering a modern interpretation of the traditional stick and poke method, available via pre-booked appointments only. Alternatively, the modern tattoo gun approach will be available and open for walk-ins from the brilliant Delph Musquet and Prieme.

The Cl(INK) is part of 19 Crimes’ ‘19th Cork’ campaign, providing the nation with the opportunity to win up to £1000 worth of cash prizes if they find the so far unreleased 19th printed cork. Sending the nation on the ultimate treasure hunt, a limited number of bottles of The Uprising and Red Wine will be released across the country which contain the so far unreleased 19th crime printed cork. Customers who manage to track down one of these corks will win a cash prize, and visitors of The Cl(INK) will also have the opportunity to unveil a clue as to the location of two 19th cork bottles in Shoreditch, if they’re brave enough to pick a mystery 19th tattoo at the pop-up.

You can pre book your slot here and if you do end up getting a tattoo, be sure to tag your tattoo on social media so we can see it.