Purobeach Volumen Nueve: Review

Is it us or does there seem to be somewhat of a resonance in the compilation CD at the moment? (Its that or we’re just paying more attention to music as we’re in the peak of UK festival season – we’re 5 deep so far and feeling a little jaded!). Either way all the big labels/brands are trying to get us to part with our hard-earned for the latest-only-slightly-different-remix of that track we partied to when we were ‘younger’… we say all but maybe that a bit of a sweeping generalisation as there are in fact still some gems to be had. Yes Ministry have there thing as do the string of others but if you reach out only slightly further afield you can easily find yourself at Purobeach…

New kid on the block? No. Excellent eclectic mix of fresh chill out tunes on its ninth volume? YES!


Having been lucky enough to be at the launch party of the Purobeach Volumen Nueve a few week ago we really got to feel and understand the concept behind the compilation series, which is going from strength-to-strength. To start with all tracks are specially selected by Ben Sowton and Graham Sahara at Seamless and exclusive to the album. They are split into a day and night disc with each track building on the tempo and vibe of the last.

The opening track, I Like It by Thomas Lemmer is a subtle and yet fantastic mix of clever beats and vocal beds that subtly opens up this musical journey to the listener. Fast forward a few tracks (figuratively, not literally – every track has to be listened to!) and you flow into the slightly more upbeat and awake Sand Man by T_Mo that delivers both crescendos, movement and feeling of discovery with an almost eerie panpipe feel overtone. By this point (track 6) you can feel yourself entering the afternoon section of the ‘day’ CD. As you move further into the album it begins to sound a little like the classic Avalanches album Since I left you crossed with Royksopp and slightly less aggressive elements of Radiohead’s Kid A – now there’s a mix of tracks you don’t get to hear everyday! The day section finishes with the likes of Sander Kleinenburg, Steven Webster and Clare Stagg delivering some truly great uptempo chill out tracks. The level of depth in each of them really allows you to disconnect from the world and enjoy the pure moments of enjoyment and relaxation we all crave…

CD2 compiled by Graham continues were the first finished off with an upbeat track this time featuring vocals from Sharon May Linn and sax that bring the poolside to life in your mind. We are then led into a mix of tracks that draws upon everyone of Graham’s 16 years living by the beach on the balearic island of Ibiza delivering music perfectly suited to the vibe of a Mediterranean night. The further we move into the mix we get deeper in synth and flow combined with guitar licks – perfectly illustrated by Todd Terje’s mega balearic remix of Dolle Jolle which smacks of late evening at Purobeach – so good! As we slip into the full evening of the mix we cannot end the commentary until we’ve mentioning Pete Gooding’s Those Eyes that delivers a real crescendo born out of his years of producing music for most of the iconic venues in Ibiza.

We thoroughly enjoyed this compilation album and see it fitting in seamless-ly (see what we did there!) with your beach chill out mood bringing you from you sleepy morning right the way through the day and night.

If you want to check out Puro Volumen Nueve or indeed any other the other eight volumes and special editions head over to http://www.purohotel.com/en/puromusic.html… OR if you looking for that real Purobeach experience check out our review of the Purobeach Club here and Puro Hotel here – neither are to be missed in our opinion!

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