Chivas 18 & Pininfarina: Chapter 2

Its some of the best news we’ve heard in ages… we’re delighted to share with you that Chivas Regal 18, one of the world’s leading ultra-premium Scotch whiskies has announced that it is reuniting with Pininfarina, the prestigious Italian design company, to create the limited edition Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Chapter 2, and its truly brilliant!

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Following a hugely successful year in 2013, Chivas 18 and Pininfarina, two iconic brands of style, are continuing their partnership to deliver luxurious experiences to their customers through innovative design.

The collaboration between Chivas Regal and Pininfarina, the high-end Italian automobile design firm who have worked on Ferraris and Maseratis as well as Rolls-Royces and Jaguars to name but a few is known as “The Drop”, an aerodynamic piece of design that evokes both the metalwork of Pininfarina’s cars as well as the more elemental concepts of air and liquid.

Both Chivas Regal and Pininfarina are renowned for their rich heritage in crafting rewarding and stimulating experiences in luxury. Pininfarina has been a crusader in Italian design and engineering since the 1930, and Chivas Regal is the original luxury whisky blend, established in 1909.

Pininfarina Ice PressWith Chapter 2 of this partnership Chivas 18 and Pininfarina wanted to create something truly unique, something that embody the luxury you’ve come to expect. So in a move that was a first in the world of whisky, the Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Ice Drop entered the market… an elegantly contoured shape that embodies the Pininfarina design philosophy – marrying form and function perfectly.
The Drop, which is the partnerships symbol celebrates the meeting of air and liquid is intended to be enjoyed in both the world’s most iconic bars as well as at home.

Whether you are enjoying Chivas 18 at home or in a bar the key ingredient to delivering this most exquisite of experiences is the Chapter 2 Ice Press.
The limited edition Ice Press has been developed to enhance the whisky serving ritual. The exclusive tool creates a seamless Ice Drop.
If you want to experience this for yourself Chivas have gifted the Ice Press to a selection of the world’s most prestigious bars… Max Warner, gentleman and Global Brand Ambassador used the Worlds 50 Best Bars rankings as a guide to selection – the five top ranked bars in London were Artesian, Nightjar, American Bar, Connaught Bar and Happiness Forgets.

The Ice Drop MouldAnd for those that want to take this very special part of Chivas home with them there is The Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Chapter 2 Ice Drop Mould.
Put simply this is a piece of precisions engineering crafted from high grade silicon which delivers two flawless Ice Drops with ease.
You’ll have to be quick though… The unique pack is limited to 1,500 pieces and contains brushed aluminum tongs and a pair of Pininfarina designed ‘Drop’ glasses, enabling whisky connoisseurs to replicate and enjoy the Ice Drop ritual in the luxury of their own home. For those interested, The Ice Drop Mould will be available to purchase for US$399.

 We were lucky enough to spend some time with Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina and during the chat he explained how he was delighted to continue the partnership with Chivas 18. For him the fact both brands were united in a vision to create unique and unparalleled experiences was key to taking the partnership onto its second year.

To mark the second year of the prestigious collaboration Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Chapter 2, Max Warner has fittingly crafted a series of cocktails, which not only combine influences from Chivas’ heartland, Scotland and the motherland of Pininfarina, Italy but also showcase how ice, the one ingredient universal to almost every cocktail, can be harnessed in an array of different ways.

To see these superb cocktails why not have a little click here… trust us, its well worth it!