Be James Bond! Well sort of… Introducing the new 007 Fragrance

In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond its fitting that the world’s first male fragrance dedicated to the legendary British spy has been born: 007. Referred to as the essence of a true icon – 007 fragrance is a classic and unmistakably masculine scent with a fresh, sophisticated twist that some would say the ultimate fragrance for the modern man.

We know what you’re thinking though… it’s all very well having this fragrance but what was the inspiration behind it?

For half a century, James Bond has captured the collective imagination of the world with his masculinity, charm, and elegance. He is the quintessential icon with whom men everywhere identify. He is celebrated and renowned across the world; an untouchable fantasy – as revered by men as he is desired by women.

He is the ultimate male icon who flawlessly combines irresistible sophistication with uncompromising masculinity – Why wouldn’t you want to smell like that??!


Keith Snelgrove, global business director of James Bond’s production house EON, comments, “It has been an exciting experience coming together and working so closely with P&G to create the debut James Bond fragrance. This is a special year for 007, and we are thrilled to launch this distinctive and sophisticated scent during Bond’s 50th anniversary year”

And now for the science…

At the time when the first Bond films of the 1960s revealed the ultimate masculine icon, the world of male fragrance witnessed the dawn of the unofficial hero scent signature for men – the Aromatic Fougere family of perfumes. This fragrance type epitomised the virile, vibrant masculinity of the times and continued to prosper into the 21st century. Only an Aromatic Fougere could bring to life Bond’s unique blend of masculinity and sophistication. Unapologetically masculine the Fougere backbone is rich with lavender, for a reassuring, yet elegant aromatic masculinity – moss and coumarin undertones create the 007 fragrance.

Bond’s smooth and refined characteristics are represented through Vetyver, an ingredient which brings undeniable masculinity, power and strength, blended with the sensuality of Lavender. Crisp apple, the quintessentially British ingredient known for its fresh flavour, reflects the smooth side of Bond, adding a refreshingly light quality that perfectly harmonises the heady Fougere.

Warm woods with a musky aspect make up the full bodied essence, creating the fragrance’s long lasting and powerfully masculine qualities.

It’s not only the smell that has huge amounts of detail paid to it – the packaging is also deep routed in Bond heritage. Went we first got to see the packaging for the 007 fragrance we noticed the distinctive bottle references the most iconic element of the Bond world: the sleek glass flacon in dark blue is inspired by the distinctive magnum meshing texture found on an array of Bond’s slick automobiles; the silver ‘twist’ cap which reveals the fragrance nozzle a nod to Bond’s indispensable, state-of-the-art gadgets. The 007 logo, a global emblem for dangerous sophistication, is subtly embossed on the front of the flacon in keeping with the sleek, timeless design.

James Bond 007 Fragrance

The fragrance will be launched with an iconic print campaign shot by Greg Williams, on set photographer of the advertising for the last five instalments of the James Bond movie series, including the much-anticipated SKYFALL. A modern interpretation of the Bond silhouette acts as a focal point for a campaign; with an air of intrigue that enables every man to imagine himself in the shoes of this inimitable, contemporary hero

The print campaign brings to life Bond’s sophisticated and classic masculine characteristics. Having created campaigns for five James Bond movies to date – including Die Another Day, Casino Royale and this years highly anticipated SKYFALL – Greg Williams was the clear choice to bring Bond’s character to life. The ‘face’ of the campaign remains hidden in the shadows, creating a simple silhouette reminiscent of the Bond movies’ infamous title sequences, designed to capture the imagination of every man and woman as they immerse themselves in Bond’s world.


Greg William’s explained “For me, it isn’t any one actor’s face which represents Bond – it’s all about the look and the iconography of Bond. I took inspiration from the original illustrations found on the early Ian Fleming books and aimed to harness the dream of Bond through cinematic lighting and by keeping his face a mystery”

007 is available as a worldwide exclusive at Harrods NOW and nationwide from September 19th


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