Hyde Bellagio offer the chance to control the Fountains

So you’ve got a spare $250,000 to spend (happens all the time) and you happen to be in Vegas. Do you A) pocket the money and invest for your future or B) Embrace the Vegas lifestyle.

If your answer is B like us, then please read on (if you answered A, still read on as you may chance your mind)
Hyde at Bellagio is offering a chance to drink from the world’s largest bottle and control the world famous Bellagio fountains all for the nifty price of $250,000.

Thrillist.com is reporting that once you have paid your $250,000, you’ll be whisked away to the most coveted table in the club, with a prime view of all the classy slow-dancing that takes place inside, and also the lagoon which will soon become your very own super soaker for the night.

Here’s how it works:
First up, you pick songs from their list like an IPod Playlist (from “Viva Las Vegas”, to “Luck Be a Lady”, to Elton John’s “Your Song”) then open up a gold box to reveal a red button that looks like something out of a James Bond film that would detonate a laser in space.


Once you hit that button it will fire up 4500 lights and 1200 nozzles, some of which can fire water 460ft into the air. And the whole time, your table will be lit up so everyone knows who picked Elton John, and who has a spare $250,000 to spend.

Once the fountains start dancing, your 30L Midas Ace of Spades champagne will be delivered. To break it down that’s, 480 cups, 7.9 gallons, or 40 normal bubbly bottles (and they say petrol is expensive)

If you can’t drop that kind of wonga, Hyde also offers a crazy selection of other bottle service packages like the “I’m on a Boat”

Which sees a girl bring you your champagne while being carried in a boat while the DJ spins The Lonely Island ‘I’m on a Boat’. We actually saw that happen when we were there last year… not to us but we can lie and say it was right?

Hyde is located at The Bellagio Hotel