Zoo Man Lives in a Window for 127 Hours

On a Monday morning my routine in getting to work usually involves stopping to get my fruit, and then get my tea before I head to work to start another week.

However today I had to make an unusual stop – by HMV to say good morning to my friend Luke, who for 127 Hours is living in the shop window of HMV In Central London on a very busy Oxford Street.

Zoo Man (Luke’s) challenge is to live within the shop window to celebrate the release of 127 Hours. He is confined to a space just 2m by 1.8m, where he will have to survive for 127 Hours, just like Aron Ralston (played by James Franco) did in the movie, and obviously in real life as the film is based on a sensational true story.

As I arrived, it was pouring with rain but Luke still decided to stick on his flashy pair of Nooka Sunglasses that he knows I liked. Not sure why he was wearing them as it was cold and gray, but they looked cool so I can’t playa hate!

As part of the 127 hour challenge, people can twitter him asking him to do challenges, and the best part is that the whole experience is available on webcam via Ustream.

But, there is a good cause in it all. Luke is also asking people to sponsor him with all proceeds going to Everyman Male Cancer Campaign

I for one will have a massive Cuban Cigar waiting for him when he gets out