Xikar Announce New XO Cutter

Any serious cigar smoker knows that the apparatus you use to prepare your cigar is just as important as the cigar itself.

And today premium cigar accessory make Xikar announced the release of the XO cutter with a completely new design.

The XO cutter had been in research and development for over three years and multiple patents for the product are pending, including a planetary gear system.

The new cutter is engineered to optimize the standard double guillotine style cut, and delivers the precision of a traditional scissors cut in a compact body with automatic action.

Razor sharp blades maintain equal spacing inside the cutter opening all times, providing the ability to apply controlled and precise pressure.

“After years of developing and fine tuning the performance of this cutter, we are thrilled to introduce the XO to the industry in concurrence with our 20th Anniversary celebration” said Kurt Van Keppel, CEO of XIKAR.

As a Keen fan of Xikar, I am actually very excited to give the XO a spin and test out its quality. The circular design looks like a cutter which will be easy to hold and cut cigars with.


Equipped with cutting-edge technology and backed by a Lifetime Warranty, the XO is sure to set a new standard for cutting excellence in the cigar accessory industry.

And with the recent trend of larger cigars, this cutter can cut up to a ring gauge of 64, which is news to my ears.
Available in black, bronze and gunmetal finishes with chrome blades, the Xo is expected to cost around $99, with the blue finish with phantom black blades at $119.99.

Check out the Xikar video below announcing the XO Cutter

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