X-Men: Days of Future Past First Trailer

The first trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past has surfaced online and looks pretty cool.

Bryan Singer is back in the directors chair uniting all the cast including Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, along with more recent additions such as Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender as young Magneto.

X-Men: Days of Future Past” has Wolverine going back in time in order to warn the X-Men that Senator Robert Kelly’s assassination will result in a future where Sentinels rule the United States and mutants live in internment camps.

Wonder if he will place a cheeky bet while he is there?
Its set to mutate into cinemas May 2014.

According to Singer, the older cast will appear in only 25% of the movie. “The past is most of it,” he added. The director went on to say that the future scenes take place in 2023 and the reason for Wolverine being sent back is to stop the assassination of a “key figure” – at the hands of Mystique – in order to avoid destruction caused by the Sentinels.

In the movie, Kitty Pride uses her powers to send Wolverine’s mind back into his 1970s body. “It’s about figuring your rules and sticking to them,” Singer said about time-travel. “The principle I looked at is this theory that until an object is observed, it hasn’t really happened yet. The time-traveler whose consciousness travels through time I call The Observer, and until The Observer returns to where he traveled from, the result hasn’t occurred yet. So he can muck about in the past and it isn’t until he snaps back that the new future is set. As a result, we’re able to have parallel action, and there’s an underlying tension because there’s always that threat Wolverine’s consciousness could return and leave the world in an even darker place.”