Wonder Woman Pilot Review

I just got back from my honeymoon and while I was in Orlando I took part in a screening review of Wonder Woman.

The show itself wasn’t that bad but I can now see why NBC dropped it.

For me the show seemed like it wasn’t sure if it was dark or light-hearted. The show starts off with a student dying from taking performance enhancers (ironically as he’s reading his university admission letter)

Then it moves to Hollywood Boulevard where we see Wonder Woman chasing down the bad guy.

Adrianne Palicki made a good wonder woman, however I think her direction was slightly off.

As we left the screening my misses and I discussed our thoughts and we agreed that Wonder Woman is a strong powerful woman, however in this pilot we see Wonder Woman crying and depressed that she had no friends and her cat was her only friend on Facebook!!!!

Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley played great characters that you could see developing later on in the series.

The action scenes were good. You did see WW suiting up and taking down the bad guys.

It’s a shame that the series has been dropped but if it was shown as it was, allot of WW fans would have been disappointed. Hopefully another network picks it up and if they do here’s my advice:

Get rid of WW at home in her PJ’s.
Decide if the show will be light hearted like Charlie’s Angels or dark like Batman

For those that worry they never got to see it…..don’t!

P.S: She did wear the pants in the show 🙂