We’re all about the premium mixers…

Gin and Tonic. Classy, classic and with the right ingredients, definitely premium.
Whiskey and and and… the word that follows often ends up offending someone or gives off that feeling that you’ve cheapened something fine.
Now, there are some words that have stuck with us for a while when it comes to ‘how to drink whiskey’ or any premium dark spirit for that matter and that is, DRINK IT HOW YOU LIKE IT!

We think we’ve found a new way to like it…

This autumn, premium mixer brand Fever-Tree will launch the Smoky Ginger Ale and Spiced Orange Ginger Ale to join an existing dark spirits mixers range of Madagascan Cola, Premium Ginger Ale, Premium Ginger Beer and Premium Soda Water.

The new ginger variants will be exclusively available in a selection of bars in London, globally recognised for their dark spirit expertise, before hitting the shelves of selected stores later in the year.

Roka - Smoky Ginger Ale 1

Throughout September 2017, these new Fever-Tree ginger variants will be found in mixed drinks and cocktails at designated bars in London, where expert bartenders have curated cocktails built specifically with the new mixers at their heart.

From bars in the East End, such as Black Rock, Superlyan, City Social, TT Liquor & Callooh Callay, to establishments in Soho, including the Shochu Lounge at ROKA, Hix and the multi-award winning Swift, dark spirits have been combined with both the Smoky Ginger Ale and Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, showcasing the versatile flavour profiles of each.

Being the adventurous chaps that we are we’re already given a few of the cocktails a spin and you won’t be disappointed!

For those eagle-eyed amongst you, you may have caught our Fever-Tree inspired tour on our Instagram page, if not you can relive it in all its glory now. #mixwiththebest