Way Out West 2015 – The Festival You Want To Be At. Fact.

Festivals are fun right? Of course they are! Whats not to like? Sun (most of the time) or rain if thats your thing. Great music. No worries in the world. Surround by friends. Surely it can’t get much better… well we reckon it could. Take all the above minus the rain and drop it in Sweden and you have Way Out West! All the good bits but with a coating of Swedish style, not to mention that all those stereotypes about beautiful people… lets just say those stereotypes exist for a reason.

BUT that’s not all. This festival really is a trail blazer. Giving back to the community with not just great music but doing it with minimal impact to the environment and setting an example to the rest of Sweden and the World. In 2012 in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint it went vegetarian. The result? Amazing food and a 20%+ reduction in carbon footprint. Kudos to Way Out West.
This year the bar has been set higher yet again… Way Out West is now a vegetarian AND diary free festival. Possibly the first of its kind. If we’re honest we’re looking forward to it. Last years move to a meat-free festival was a rip-roaring success so we have no reason to believe this year will be any different.

All of the above said it is still a music festival and has a pretty damn awesome line up! Everyone from Florence and the Machine to The Pet Shop Boys to Chic featuring Nile Rogers!

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 13.25.49

And thats not all. Another unique element to this particular city festival is the music doesn’t stop at the end of the headline set. Oh no. Gothenburg is a city that knows how to party. Stay Out West takes the afterparty all over the city with clubs opening their doors to festival goers keen to continue…


Where: Slottsskogen, Gothenburg, Sweden
When: August 13th – 15th
How: Tickets available here