VIDEO: Never Smoke A Fake Cuban Cigar

Any cigar smoker knows never to go near fake Cuban cigars. No matter how cheap they are or how they are presented (usually in a glass top box).

The lovely people over at cigar obsession created a very fine video that pretty much illustrates why you should never buy fake cigars.

Sometimes they are cigars that didn’t pass quality control, sometimes they are local cigars with different bands… But sometimes they are full of crap as this video shows.

The video illustrates that this fake cigar in particular (Montecristo Open Eagle) has been filled using scraps likely from the factory floor, or used cigars found around Cuba.

Cigar smokers of a nervous disposition may want to look away

If smoked this cigar would have no doubt tasted terrible and would have burnt quite quickly (probably like a cigarette).

So remember next time you are offered cheap Cuban cigars, take a Stanley knife and dissect one just to check. Or better yet just buy them from reputable sources.

This has been a public service announcement for cigar smokers everywhere and for those who are looking to buy gifts for cigar smokers.