The Tanning Effect – Steve Stoute

This morning I’ve come across a great set of interviews by music mogul Steve Stoute.

Steve has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, as well owning Zino Platinum cigars, proving that cigars and urban music is a perfect match together.

While he’s not a marketing guru, he has also launched a series of web interviews with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop to talk about how the genre has transcended across all genres, the history of Hip Hop, as well as finding out about the artists.

In the series he catches up with the likes of Jay-Z (big cigar Aficionado) Pharrell Williams and Jimmy Iovine.

The videos are inspiring for everyone including myself. If I can be honest it inspires me more to develop Cut the Cap. It brings me back to my quote “just because I wear Nike Air, don’t think I don’t know what a Robusto is.”

Anyway, enjoy the videos:

The Tanning Effect – Jay-Z – Part1

The Tanning Effect – Jay-Z – Part 2

Check out more inspring interviews here:

Shout out to Urban Party Life for the original post.