The Talisker Terrace IS OPEN at Angler

The weather may have turned on us in the last few weeks but as they say on the Isle of Skye, home of Talisker, this is whisky weather!
Talisker is the oldest Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Isle of Skye. Battered by the elements on the windswept and dramatic coastline, their fine liquid embodies the spirit of this rocky, storm-lashed island in every bottle. Bet you feel a bit warmer now don’t you.

Thankfully not only do we have the weather but we do also have Skye’s other famous export in town and available in a much more hospitable environment… we are of course talking about the Talisker Terrace and the Angler. The perfect space for the perfect Autumn cocktail.

Talisker Whisky have partnered with Angler in the City to transform the Michelin-starred restaurant’s heated rooftop Terrace throughout the autumn months. Local on the seventh floor of South Place Hotel in Moorgate they have created an exclusive menu of Wild Talisker whisky cocktails which will be available daily until mid-November, and served alongside a whisky themed small plate menu, created by Executive Chef Gary Foulkes.
Using natural materials that are native to the Single Malt’s home on the Isle of Skye, the terrace has been decorated with birch wood, preserved grasses, heathers and live plants, mirroring the wild environment on the Scottish Island.

The Wild Cocktail list includes a Strawberry Skye (Talisker Skye, Prosecco, berry purée, heather honey – £15), and a Wild Old Fashioned (Talisker Storm, black walnut bitters, angostura bitters, fig jam and honey syrup – £14).
Gary Foulkes’ menu features a Pheasant and barley croquette with Talisker whisky cream; Chestnut hummus, fig leaf infused oil and toasted flatbread; and Whisky cured salmon, treacle bread with malt butter (£10-£13).
The Terrace is open from Monday-Friday (Noon-11pm) and on Saturdays (3pm-11pm) until mid-November.


If you want to take your journey to the next level, in addition to the daily offering on, Wednesday 6th November – 6.30pm-8pm, Talisker will host a Wild Spirit Cocktail Masterclasses on the Terrace. The masterclasses will demonstrate how to make Talisker’s bespoke Wild Old Fashioned, as well as explaining Talisker’s background, and the ingredients used throughout.
The Masterclasses are £15pp and include a specially crafted cocktail – the Terrace menu will be available for small dishes and additional drinks.

We done this and its time well spent. The cocktail we made was pretty damn good even if we do say so!