The Rum Diary Premiere / Review

Thursday evening is usually a quite one for me but last week I was invited to the UK premiere of The Rum Diary starring Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard.

Cut the Cap had been looking forward to this film for a while now (the title says it all) and was privileged to be there to see the film.

The camcorder was charged and memory empty so I was eager to catch a glimpse of the cast on the Red Carpet.

However, by the time we got to the red carpet, it was empty. There was more security than people. Turns out that due to the rain, the stars did their thing and made their way inside.

We followed the herd straight inside and made our way upstairs to what looked like a VIP bar which we were not permitted in. (do they know who I am?)

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pop to the loo before making our way to our seats. Upon walking to the gents, a gentleman was walking towards me (I say towards me but not really) and it was none other than Johnny Depp. (This is the part where he saw me; we shook hands and chatted – in my dreams)

I was shocked as he surprisingly looks exactly how he does on the screen. Most celebrities look nothing like their on screen presence, however he was a spitting image.

He was dressed in a 3 piece suit sporting his trendy glasses. He reminded me of myself. I can see why people say we look alike (and by people I mean me)

If I had known I would have been that close, I would have gone in for the hand shake like I did with Robert Di Nero (long story) however I froze.

Anyway, after my star struck moment I did what I had to do and got seated for the film.

The stars all made their way to the stage to introduce the film, which I caught on camera (not great quality, but will post up soon).
The Rum Diary is set in 1950’s Puerto Rico, written by Hunter S. Thompson and follows a journalist called Paul Kemp (no relation to Ross) as he takes a job on the island and is drawn into corruption and politics while all the way trying to keep his journalism real.
Throw that all together with 161 miniature bottles of rum, and you have a film with great settings, great cast, and loads of cigar smoking.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the film, I had the feeling throughout that parts had been cut out (as with any adapted book).

I felt some parts could have been explained more, but I thought the cast delivered in terms of acting ability.

I thought Giovanni Ribisi stole the show as drunken journalist Moburg stealing filters from Bacardi because they contain a ridiculous amount of strong rum in them.

Overall, I enjoyed the film allot, and can watch it again, but will be reading the book first to ensure I enjoy the film to its fullest.

I can guarantee after watching this film, you will want to drink rum, smoke a cigar, become a writer and move to Puerto Rico…I did!