The Lanesborough Garden Room

On Saturday Night, while most Wireless visitors scrambled to the nearest bar or ran to get the train home, I found myself with the same dilemma I always have after a few drinks….where can I smoke another cigar?

And then, there it stood – lit up like an epiphany….it was the Lanesborough Hotel.

As soon as I saw it immediately remembered it was on my hit list of cigar bars in London I wanted to visit.

The Lanesborough Hotel

We stumbled over and were greeted by the doorman who at first thought we were just a couple of drunken festival goers, however after explaining we wanted a cigar I think he realised we weren’t just after booze!

As we entered the Garden Room, we were greeted by the host who reminded us (more than once) that there was a minimum spend of £25 each.  I actually just ignored him as anyone who smokes cigars in London knows you’re spending more than £25 on a cigar alone.


We were seated and ordered – I went for my favourite, a Partagas Series D Number 4. It delivered and more. Perfect draw, smoke and experience.

Overall the décor of the feel of the room was amazing. It felt like we were outside in a garden (clever for the garden room)

You can see why Celebrities stay there.

What I would say was that the room was filled with middle aged business men, and I think they have the old skool way of thinking where cigars are for older rich people, and anyone who wears Nike Air has no idea what a Double Corona is.

The cabinet of cigars was fascinating to look at, they had everything including my wedding cigar.

It was a lovely Experience and I will be returning (hopefully) in the future, however for the younger smoker, I would recommend somewhere that’s more accepting of younger smokers.

I think the fact that it was Wireless Festival made them put their defences up and try to stop us from coming in, so will let you know how it goes next time.