The Golden Rum Barrel Winners are:

On Saturday evening (after a very busy day) Cut the Cap were privileged to be invited to the Golden Rum Barrel awards that were taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Kensington.

After a quick couple of pints at a nearby pub to wash down the days rum, along with my Montecristo Edmundo, we made our way to the drinks reception where the rum punch was flowing and we were able to mingle with all the rum clients as well as Ron Jeremy himself.

After a quick bit of schmoozing, we were shown to our seats and entertained by a carnival themed performance with dancers.

The wine was flowing, the food was delicious and once we were full, the awards began, hosted by the main man Ian Burrell.

Congratulations to all the rum companies that won. Here are the full winners:

Rum Distillery of the Year 2011: The Foursquare Distillery, Barbados

Rum Distiller of the Year 2011:
Richard Seale (Four Square, Barbados)

Rum Blender of the Year 2011:
Tito Cordero (Venezuela: Diplomatico)

Rum Blogger of the Year (Europe) 2011
: The Floating Rum shack

Rum Blogger of the Year (The America’s) 2011

Rum Ambassador of the Year (UK) 2011 sponsored by Bar Life UK:
Meimi Sanchez (Havana

Rum Ambassador of the Year (International) 2011 sponsored by Drink International:
David Cordoba (Bacardi Rum) & Jim Wrigley (Ron St.Teresa)

Best New Rum (Gold) 2011 sponsored by Coco Re’al:
Abuelo Centuria, Panama

Best New Rum (White) 2011 sponsored by Coco Re’al:
Banks 5 Island, Several Countries

Best New Rum Package 2011:
Bacardi 1909

Boutique RumFest Award 2011 sponsored by Imbibe Magazine:
Doorly’s XO Rum, Barbados

The Rum Experience Pioneers Award:
Every year The Rum Experience will award two people to join the PIONEERS CLUB. This is a Rum Hall of fame for legends of the rum industry- be they founders; blenders; distillers; bartenders; authors; drinkers or even just rum drinkers. To kick start the club we will be honouring the first 10 members of the club.

Joy Spence from Appleton Jamaica rum. The first female master blender.
Ed Hamilton from the Ministry of rum. The pioneering web page and rum forum.

Here’s to next year!

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