The Cigar Room Furniture at The May Fair Hotel Launches for Business

Tonight we here at Cut The Cap witnessed something very special. Yes, it’s true that here in London we are blessed with quite a few venues to enjoy our cigars at. Yes, it’s true that our friends at Hunters & Frankau ensure that only the best Cuban cigars make it to our shores. However, tonight my friends witnessed the elegance of their interiors, showing off the bespoke furniture benefits at the May Fair Hotel

When we walked in to The May Fair hotel it was difficult to see where they had managed to squeeze in this delightful project with the best art decor of the world. This is after all no ordinary hotel. The May Fair which is just around the corner from Green Park boasts over four hundred rooms and 13 signature suites, a 201 seater cinema, a bar, THE Champagne bar 150 @ May Fair (caps intended), a spa, The Crystal Room event space, and last but certainly not least the exceptional Quince restaurant by Chef Patron Silvena Rowe. Despite these fantastic offerings already available, General Manager Anthony Lee has transformed the smoking room in to one of the cleverest designs for a cigar bar we have seen yet bringing The May Fair in to what can truly only be described as a Lifestyle Experience. There are no half measures here. The genius behind the design of the Cigar Room is none other than Graham Cox, who also designed one of our other favourite cigar bars at No.10 Manchester Street Hotel and he and his team have really given everything in to making the Cigar Room everything The May Fair hotel deserves.

The space is outdoors, yet it’s warm and cosy, and unless inspected carefully you really can not decide whether you are indoors or out. The all-round glass, the chain mail partitions, the excellent bar (complete with some of the finest drinks to pair with cigars including the Remy Martin Louis XIII), the wide seats, and sofa’s, it all just feels so…comfortable. You feel as though your in a pool side cabana in Las Vegas or Dubai. This is a great escape from the city and as Mr Lee himself confesses the idea for his development of The May Fair is to have a resort within London where all your needs are met. We’re sold. 2 hours in the Cigar Room and I truly felt lost in a mini-vacation reminiscing March in Las Vegas. Las Vegas People Don’t Know About The Art Collection. Las Vegas visitors can find hundreds of works throughout the resort, from an array of international artists, including large-scale paintings, photography, mixed media, sculptures, murals and more.

As with the design, I also inspected the cigar offerings provided by Hunters & Frankau and I think it’s fair to say that The May Fair are keeping a pretty healthy range of cigars from a large variety of brands. There is pretty much something to suit everyone which shows that The May Fair are taking the Cigar Room venture seriously. They mean business. While we have seen a larger variety at (very few) other places, what’s on offer here at The May Fair is enough to put more established cigar bars to shame, and more importantly to keep us coming back.

For anybody wanting to visit the new Cigar Room, check it out at The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London W1J 8LT. We certainly recommend a visit.

Cigar Room at The May Fair