Start Saving – Imperiali Genève Release Cigar Chest

Imperiali Genève have recently unveiled the Emperador Cigar Chest, and it is making everyone want to upgrade their humidor.

Limited to just 12 pieces annually, the cigar chest comes with a price tag to match, costing over £600,000.

Cigar Chest 6

Cutting-edge technology, high-tech mechanics, luxurious indulgence and Swiss made ingenuity make the Emperador Cigar Chest stand out from the rest.

Made up of more than 2,600 parts, this cigar chest can digitally cut and light the cigar.

The cigar chest comes complete with 24 gold-leaf-rolled fine Grand Cru cigars, each presented in individual glass tubes. To keep track of what you have smoked the cigars are tracked so you can see exactly how many you have left.

Cigar Chest 2

Operated by sensor and touch, the case is protected by a secret personal code, hidden within the chest is an electronic ashtray and table lighter with three nozzles.

More than 18,000 hours of work went into the development of the chest over a span of more than two years. Exactly 27 different crafts are utilized in its making, thanks to approximately 100 different craftsmen.

Enjoy this video, which shows the Cigar chest in more detail. We would love to say we’ll get our hands on one of these…. But we doubt it. **Plays Lottery for the month**.

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