Sienna Miller is helping you out this Christmas!

Sienna-Miller-sexySometimes we really do enjoy our job – especially when it means we can talk to people like the lovely Sienna Miler… And as luck would have it on this occasion she wanted to talk back – hooray! (via her agent thought, boo!) #SoClose

With Christmas around the corner we though it would be nice to get the British actress and face of BOSS Orange Woman thoughts on Christmas…


CTC: Tell us about your favourite Christmas, Sienna (yes first name terms, thanks)?

Sienna Miller: “My most memorable Christmas has to be being on a beach in Mexico, 3 days before my 21st birthday, with my whole family”

CTC: Thanks Sienna, every Christmas we’ve had just seems a bit normal now. (OK we didn’t really say that bit – it would have probably caused the conversation to be cut short!’

CTC: What is your earliest memory of Christmas?

Sienna Miller: “My earliest memory of Christmas was my sister scream because there was a stuffed E.T toy sticking out of her stocking!”

CTC: Wow, haha, probably not the reaction Mama Miller had intended!

CTC: We thought it would be help for our readers if we got your TOP 3 Christmas gift recommendations for the ladies in their lives – can you spill the beans please?! [Note pads at the ready gentlemen…]

Sienna Miller: “My Top 3 gifts are:

  1. BOSS Orange Women – “The fragreance is beautiful – musky, warm and sexy, I find it totally addictive”
  2. EE Cummings Complete Collection
  3. Luxurious silk pyjamas


Well if its top of Sienna’s list is can’t be bad and whether BOSS Orange Woman is a stocking filler or the ‘big’ present we’re pretty sure it will bring a unique person touch to the gift-giving tradition. If you fancy the scent of Sienna then it available here or a bit cheaper here (the RRP is £26/30ml, £36/50ml and £46/75ml).