Shaggy North Cyprus

While on holiday in North Cyprus I was out at a bar with the misses, when I bumped into (I say it so casually) Shaggy.

After spotting him across the bar and tweeting him (that’s how it works nowadays) he tweeted us back and so we got chatting.

He then invited us to join his table where we chatted for over an hour about life, love and everything in-between.

I didn’t ask him to do the famous “Mr Lover Loverrrrr” but he was a really nice guy. Humble, down to earth.

He was with his friend and famous DJ Kue, as well as the owner of the luxurious Malpas Hotel (where Shaggy was staying).

I had to get a pic with Mr. Bombastic and here it is. I was enjoying a Cohiba Esplendidos as the time. Turns out Shaggy isn’t a big Cigar smoker and the last time he tried it, he inhaled it – rookie mistake.