Scarface Blu -Ray details – $999.99 only

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is planning to release “Scarface” on Blu-ray on 6th September.

Most importantly, the disc will have a feature to let you keep track of the number of F-words and bullets fired – Rain man can’t even do that.

The studio is planning to release several versions of the Blu-ray. One will be the regular edition. Another will be a limited edition that comes with a digital copy of the movie and the original 1932 classic. And finally, Universal will be selling a rare edition that will cost $999.99!!!!

Apparently there will only be 1000 copies available of this version and the reason for its price is because each Blu-ray disc comes with a hand-painted humidor.

Suddenly it makes it seem not so expensive lol I wonder if they will end up in the bargain bin in the supermarket?