Say Whaaat? Rum Experience University…?!

So here’s something to brighten your Monday morning – you can now study rum at, yep you guessed the Rum Experience University!

We’re big fans for what the guys do over at ShortList and thanks to them we now know that in Andalusia, Spain, there’s an area with a tropical microclimate that allows sugar cane to be grown. And as we all know, if sugar cane can be grown, rum can be made! Which is exactly what they do at the Ron Montero Distillery – the only rum distillery in the whole country.

Why did we tell you that… because that’s not all it does though. It’s also the birthplace of the Rum Experience University, a five-day course that will teach you food pairing, cocktail skills and rum mapping, which enables you to pick out the individual flavour notes of the drink. Why wasn’t this available when we were choosing what to study after A-levels?!


What’s more you’ll even create your own rum. And, after the course is over, you’ll receive an official qualification that you can use to kick-start a successful new career, or simply file away as you just use your skills to make killer cocktails to impress whoever is willing to watch. Sound like your cup-of-tea then get booking now, the first one runs from 16-20 September and costs £899!