Say hello to Conker Dorset Dry Gin & Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Just under 4 years ago Conker Dorset Dry, a bright and refreshing take on a London Dry was born – the brainchild of founder Rupert Holloway, who at 29 ditched his career in 2014 to set up Dorset’s first gin distillery.

Distilled in Bournemouth from British wheat and New Forest Spring Water, this remains a classic gin that’s led by juniper, but Conker Gin has crisp fruity and herbaceous notes from the Dorset inspired botanicals of elderberries, marsh samphire and handpicked gorse flowers.

The Perfect Conker Gin Serve

Because of it’s classic juniper-led London Dry backbone, you can know what to expect from the Dorset Dry; a crisp and moreish G&T and a well- balanced dry Martini.





Conker incorporated fresh lime peel into the botanical recipe of the Dorset Dry,which means that when lengthened with tonic, it becomes zesty and clean and incredibly refreshing.



With a classic Indian tonic, Conker recommends keeping it simple with either a strip of lime or grapefruit peel.
Using the peel rather than the fruit keeps the drink dry and lets the gin shine through and do all the talking!





No content with one fine product Conker took on the challenge to create a market leading Coffee Liqueur and in Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur you have an uncompromising tribute to forest-grown Grade 1 coffees. No flavourings, colourings, extracts or thickeners in sight. Conker Cold Brew doesn’t just taste like coffee, it IS coffee.

We came to realise that we couldn’t find a single so-called coffee liqueur that even closely resembled the dark, rich complexities of espresso. So we set out to make one that let the coffee bean do the talking, without the need for the usual additives and flavourings. It sounded a simple enough idea. How wrong we were…

It turns out that to capture the true taste of freshly roasted coffee in a liqueur, you’ve got to master a complex balancing act of roasting, blending and brewing that takes no prisoners. One wrong move, one shortcut, and the taste is compromised.
The Brazilian is roasted darker and longer to accentuate the cacao and caramel notes, bringing a robust coffee flavour that provides the backbone to the spirit. The Ethiopian coffee is roasted faster and lighter to accentuate the sweetness and natural citrus character, so adding a zesty highlight to the blend.
By brewing the coffee cold, they emphasise the natural vanillas and caramel notes, removing any need for flavourings, additives, or nasty thickeners. Just four simple ingredients and one ridiculously precise process.

They blend grade one speciality coffee from the native forests of Brazil and Ethiopia, grown within the canopy using agroforestry to create world-class sustainable coffees.

The finest hand-picked red-ripe coffee cherries are dried in the sun and hand-turned on the hour for 20 days, infusing jammy fruit and bright citrus flavours in the bean.

Each origin is roasted to a unique temperature and duration to enhance their individual flavour characteristics, honouring the hard work and attention to detail of the coffee farmers.

They then brew cold for over 24 hours, gently extracting the chocolate, vanilla and citrus fruit notes, of the coffee, without the bitter acidity typical of a hot brew.

So that’s how it made it to you now you need to do it justice… here are 4 suggestions of what you can do with Conker Cold Brew:

And if that wasn’t enough. There is the Navy Strenght Gin that directly supports the RNLI.

As Conker say, that’s the spirit!