Santa Teresa Rum Launch Club 1796 Dinner Series

Santa Teresa is a rum that has been built upon a foundation of bringing people together for a bigger purpose. I know you are thinking ‘isn’t that the plot of The Avengers?’ and in a way yes, it is, however in this case Santa Teresa is the ‘Nick Fury’ bringing together talented people.

The Club 1796 Dinner Series is of gatherings across the year with experts from the drinks community coming together to celebrate the family’s passion and commitment to community building initiatives, combined with its unfaltering dedication to the finest craftsmanship.

This year’s series of events have returned for its second instalment, inviting bartenders and key figures from the industry to delve into the incredible history, origin, craftsmanship and purpose of this bold and elegant single estate rum.

I was invited to be part of the club at COYA Mayfair which was hosted by Geoff Robinson, Brand Ambassador for Santa Teresa, and John Toader from COYA, who had curated an evening of food and bespoke drink for us to enjoy.

Over the course of the evening Geoff would tell us the inspiring story of Panchita Vollmer and the passion and long-standing work with the Venezuelan communities, through the rugby-focused Project Alcatraz led by fifth generation Alberto Vollmer, between each course revealing another part of the story.

“After an incredible first year sharing stories and wisdom with our friends in the drinks industry on the history, origin, craftmanship and purpose of Ron Santa Teresa, we are delighted to expand the Club 1796 family even further. At Santa Teresa we believe in the spirit of community and what can be achieved when we work together”.
Commented Geoff Robinson, UK Brand Ambassador

It was fascinating to hear about their work with the local gangs and how a chance encounter with people on the wrong side of the tracks could transform lives and offer people a second chance.

John from COYA was on hand for each course to talk us through the drink pairing which offered a real insight into the versatility of the rum. From trying it neat to a highball with Sandalwood soda, each drink complemented the rum.

It was amazing to be in a room with such talented people from the drinks industry from bar owners, to writers and being able to be part of this evening was inspirational and really made me think about how helping others is something we, as a society should be doing more of…… unless you are an Avenger.

Santa Teresa Rum is one of the Caribbean’s first rum producers, originating from the valley of Aragua, Venezuela, the brand started life as a sugar cane plantation in 1796 and remains to this day as a family owned and independently owned business. Santa Teresa rums have been produced at Hacienda Santa Teresa for more than two centuries and are now present in more than 30 countries.

As someone with Venezuela on my bucket list, this was the closest you can get to physically being at the Hacienda.

The rum contains blends up to 35 years old aged in bourbon oak barrels, then further aged through the solera process resulting in a smooth flavoursome sipping rum. I will be planning a cigar pairing in the near future, so keep an eye on Cut The Cap.

Santa Teresa Rum is available for around £50 from most specialist retailers.