Rhumbar Las Vegas Review

Last week, Cut The Cap were back in Las Vegas for the annual sin city trip. While storming the strip, we found a hidden gem which we had to share.

Being cigar smokers and rum drinkers, sometimes it’s hard to find somewhere that caters for our simple needs however thanks to the Mirage Hotel we have now found our mecca in Rhumbar.

Located by the front entrance to The Mirage Hotel, Rhumbar boasts a extensive selection of rums & cigars along with an gorgeous outdoor patio area with lounge seating and views of the strip so you can people watch to your heart’s content.

During the weekend, they offer live music however we hit up Rhumbar on a Wednesday night on our way to a club for some pre-dancing rum fuel.

We were greeted by the waitress who kindly showed us the available areas and recommended the best place to sit for a great view.

Rhumbar Rum Menu and cigar

We took our seats and were handed the list of rums which resembled our yearly Christmas list. While Rhumbar stocked all the big name brands such as Appleton, Sailor Jerry, Mount Gay, Goslings etc however I opted for an old favourite of Ron Zacapa on the rocks, priced at $12 a glass which by London standards was incredibly cheap.

However if rum is not your bag, but you still want to check it out, fear not as they still stock all the usual alcohol brands. One of our guys actually fancied a Johnnie Walker Blue Label which they stocked and were happy to serve.

Rhumbar rums on the patio

While we sipped our drinks it was only right we lit up a stogie to complement our drinks. I opted for a Dominican bundle cigar I had brought with me, however inside boasted a cabinet full of cigars including Ashton, Arturo Fuente & Julius Caesar to name a few, and were all competitively priced for visitors to enjoy alongside their drinks.

Rhumbar Cigar Selection

The smoking doesn’t end there, because if cigars aren’t really your thing, Rhumbar also offer hookah (or shisha) smoking with a variety of flavours to get you through your evening.

The sleek inside bar offers a clean white laboratory style bar with a glass wall behind you giving you the chance to people watch in a cool air conditioned room, if you find the patio too hot for your liking.

Rhumbar inside Bar

With a range of cocktails on offer, Rhumbar is perfect for pre-clubbing drinks, to relax after a long day of shopping, or at the weekend to get your groove on with a rum cocktail.

We will definitely be back and recommend Rhumbar if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a good rum alongside a cigar.

Rhumbar is located at The Mirage Hotel and is open  – noon until 1 a.m.Sunday to Wednesday and noon until 2 a.m Thursday to Saturday.