REVIEW: Stripbar & Steak London

Before you judge us, let’s set the record straight. Stripbar & Steak isn’t a ‘gentlemen’s club’, it’s a great steak restaurant in the heart of Farringdon that offer premium Strip steak and delicious cocktials

We headed down to Stripbar & Steak to check out their meat (put your filthy mind away)

The restaurant can be found inside the Mailmason hotel just off Charterhouse square tucked away in the basement of the hotel. Without knowing where it was you could end up walking straight past, giving it a real sense of ‘a hidden gem’ in London.

We were greeted by the host who welcomed us from the second we stepped in. We had the option to enjoy a cocktail at the bar first but opted to head straight to dinner.

We were introduced to our waitress for the evening Angela who took us through the menu, advised us on specific cocktails worth trying, and she even gave us a guided tour of the restaurant when we asked where the toilets were.

They even have an superb private dining area for those looking to really impress a date or host an intimate event.

We started off with the prawn cocktail served on iceberg lettuce. The term iceberg really applied to this starter as although there was a mountain of prawns, the prawns kept going and going. In past experience with a prawn cocktail usually you would finish your starter once you hit pure lettuce, however the prawns were packed in all the way to the bottom meaning every mouthful was full of prawns.

The prawns themselves were fresh and full of flavour (certainly no skimping on food here)

Onto the main and we opted for the 350gms of steak. They do offer upto 550gms for those with a bigger appetite, and as tempting as that was, we thought we’d save that the man vs food challenge for another time.

Having always been a fillet or rib eye, we were thrilled to see the strip steak land on our plate cooked to medium rare and sliced into chunks.

One thing they offer which we would definitely recommend is the Stripbar steak sauce. It’s made in-house and is a BBQ sauce with just a pinch of spice which really opens up on the palate.

The sauce complemented the steak unleashing the full flavour of the meat while not overpowering the flavour with sauce. As the steak arrived the staff even offered to match it with a nice glass of red wine which of course complement the steak.

Being rum fans it made sense to firstly try the ‘bubble rum’ which caught our eye when we first saw the menu online.

Bubble rum consists of a ‘generous’ serving of Bacardi rum, cherry liqueur and bubbles. All we can say was…. it delivered.

Served in a tumbler glass this offered the sweet flavours of bubble gum with its kick of rum that you want from a decent cocktail.

Ending the night we opted for a Whisky sour rather than a dessert. Their whisky sours are made with gentleman Jack, lemon, sugar and egg white. A simple enough concoction but easily ruined when not prepared properly. However when made correctly it makes for a pretty good cocktail and Stripbar know how to deliver the goods.

Stripbar & Steak is open 7 days a week from 5pm -1am and can be found at the Malmaison Hotel, 18-21 Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6AH.