Relentless Energy Drink have only gone a launched a new flavour… (and they’re giving it away for free!)

So just when you thought you knew it all along came Relentless Energy Drink to literally mix-up the energy drinks market with the launch of their new Apple & Kiwi variant! Ready for the summer months, (if the sun decides to come/stay) Apple & Kiwi is the sixth flavour in the Relentless Energy Drink range, and comes packed with the same energy as you’ve come to expect that helps you give your all – providing you with the stimulation, focus and stamina that you need to succeed.

And lucky enough for Cut The Cap the good people at Relentless Energy Drink threw an awesome party at PUNK in Soho, London to put it to the test – queue one great night with DJ Nikki Beatnik providing the soundtrack, a selection of great Relentless Energy Drink based cocktails and my smooth dance moves…

Relentless Energy Drink's Party at PUNK, Soho

Relentless Party at PUNK soho
It would have been dangerous to hug DJ Nikki on the night – spikes were the order of the day…
Enjoying the moment
‘Enjoying the moment’

They even made a video to show how awesome it is:


AND there’s currently (as of June 6th) a competition to win 1 of 30 creates if you click here – good luck readers!