Punch Series D’Oro No.1 Review

So on Monday evening Cut The Cap took a trip to No 10 Manchester Street Hotel to try out some cigars and catch up.

We had been here before so knew we were in safe hands. Nestled away behind Selfridges it’s a nice quite spot to relax, light up and enjoy an evening with friends.

I was especially excited that day as I had just received my Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2’s and after taking that sniff when I opened them, I knew I was in need of a cigar.

Once we arrived we took our seats and were shown to the  Walk-in ‘Hunters & Frankau’ designed humidor by Atilla. I told him I was after something I hadn’t tried before, and that I didn’t want to smoke what I’m used to.

Atilla recommended the Punch Series D’Oro No.1 (who am I to argue)

As it was a Monday we all kept off the alcohol. (After Rumfest I think we’re good till 2013) so it was juices all round tonight.
Atilla kindly lit our cigars for us and we were ready for action.

Ethem went for the Romeo y Julieta Churchill and I recommended cigar novice Luke, the Partagas D4 (fail safe)

The cigar felt good and looked good. All the indications that this was put together well.

I found the first third of the cigar slightly spicy with a woodsy hint to it but very mild. It was ok but I thought I’d get to the middle before deciding my thoughts of the cigar.

By the middle I was getting more of a Woody flavour coming through. The cigar was burning well and even throughout. I didn’t have any problems with the cigar going out (unlike Luke and Ethem)

However I found the cigar lacked that flavour I was looking for. It could be perhaps that I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I do other cigars, it could be that I had a bad cigar of the bunch, or it could be that the cigar just wasn’t for me.

By the last third I had pretty much made up my mind that this cigar wasn’t for me, until right at the end I started getting hit with all these different flavours coming through. It was like I had spent an hour smoking just to have 10 minutes of cigar happiness.

As I was trying to get what I could out of the cigar I was practically burning my fingers trying to get what I could out of it before it was over. I was getting Leathery hints, spices, woody all mixed up with sweet notes coming through. It was like a cigar cocktail.

All in I’d say this cigar isn’t one I’ll be coming back to. However I like to give every cigar a chance so I will probably try one more before I make a definite decision. However I’ve smoked 3 Punch cigars and haven’t been impressed with them the way I had been with Bolivar for example.

I’m glad I tried it though!

Info on the Punch Serie D’Oro No.1
The Punch Serie D’Oro No. 1 (Gold Series No. 1) is one of the two Regional Edition cigars that were authorised by Habanos S.A. in 2008 exclusively for the United Kingdom.
There has only been 1210 numbered boxes made. Making them a must for the cigar connoisseur and collector.
This cigar using a Colorado Maduro wrapper has a complex, spicy toasty aroma, if has a full strength and flavour.
Measuring 6 1/8″ long with a 52 ring guage.