Playboy Club Art: Icon Within An Icon

“Last of the international playboys…….?”

In the latest in the series of Playboy Club art exhibitions Cut The Cap got see what some have described as Russell Young’s perfect storm of content and intent, as the artist continues to explore and experiment with the fabric of the american dream…

Never straying far from Hugh Hefner’s early imaginings the Playboy Club maintains a sense of dignity whilst instilling in its guests a sense of un-abandoned nostalgia with more than a dash of chic and so as Russell Young continues his quest to catalogue and comment on the cathartic characters and events that have shaped modern america, it seems only fitting that his diamond dusted cast should find themselves displayed on the walls of an amercan institution, icons within an icon a treasure chest of art in the very heart of London’s Mayfair.

Over the past decade Russell Young has earned international aclaim as a fine artist with a very distinct aesthetic, he has established an inpressive auction record and his works are represented in many prestigeous private and public collections.

Throughout October the Playboy club will be showcasing a selection of the artists most successful and collected diamond dust works, additionally to coincide with the launch of ‘Frieze Art Fair’ it will be exclusively premiering a previously unseen work by the artist of the super model Kate Moss and offering a unique opportunity to pre-purchase a specially editioned Playboy Club annotated print – so don’t wait around make sure you get down to the Playboy Club ASAP!

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