Partagas Release Serie Mini

Winter is slowly creeping in, and with that comes less outside time available for cigar smoking (unless you are allowed to smoke inside)

For those less privileged with indoor smoking, you will be pleased to hear Partagás have released a new blend of Minis, called the “Serie Mini” – see what they did there?.

According to Hunters & Frankau, they are a lighter, slightly softer blend than the original Partagas Minis that are still available in their distinct brown tins.

The iconic Partagas black and red packaging replicated the packaging of Partagás’s Alphabetical Series such as the Serie D No.4 or Serie P No.2), which was originally developed for the UK market and dates back to the 1930s.Learn something every day!


The new Partagas Minis are 100% Cuban tobacco and machine made with the same tobacco that is used to make the world famous hand rolled Havana cigars.

Found within one of the four Vegas de Primeras (first class tobacco fields) of Cuba, it provides a depth of flavour and a rich rewarding smoke, even with these small format cigars.

These cigars are available across the UK and retail at around £7.

Looks like we’ll be smoking these at the Christmas party.
Happy Smoking