Obikà Canary Wharf – Review

When we think of Canary Wharf, we’ll admit the offering of quality dining options isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. That is, until recently. With the growing popularity of Canary Wharf, not just as a business centre but also as somewhere to spend your leisure time there, we’ve also seen a growing culinary scene. So with all the fuss about spending time in Canary Wharf, we visited Obikà Mozzarella Bar.

Obikà takes casual approach to fine Italian dining with its courtyard location, and bar-like layout. The restaurant is located in a glass-enclosed cube nestled between two towers and looks almost like a airport bar in a duty-free zone. It seems perfectly designed and positioned to better service the needs of people in search of quality food on a quick lunch break. Shoppers in the mall wouldn’t stumble upon the place as it’s located just outside the mall’s Jubilee Place side.

The design of Obikà is similarly casual. There’s a clean, sushi-style island bar where diners can enjoy their meal, and tables around the bar. It’s clear that the inspiration is sushi bars. And we have to admit, it works quite well. Although many restaurants serving Italian food are of lesser quality, you wouldn’t pop in for a quick 30 minute lunch. They’re all trying to be far more formal than the food they serve. Obikà is the opposite; great food, casual approach.


The service matches the ethos. Our wait between ordering and the starters arriving was a mere minutes. Having finished the starters, the mains again were almost immediately available. and again with dessert. The staff are clearly highly experienced/trained in a quick turn-around and they do it very well. Kudos must go to the fact that although your meals arrive quick, you don’t feel rushed. There’s no anxiety of running out of time and because everything does arrive well in time, you can eat at your own pace.

Looking at the food, everything is presented well. Certainly much better than any Pizza Express or Strada you could end up in for an Italian lunch. The Formaggi Morbidi pizza was our favourite, with Obikà’s signature buffalo mozzarella balls melted on top a light base and accompanied by gorgonzola, Stracchino and ricotta cheeses. It was fresh, light, and the mozzarella added masses of flavour, infusing well with the other cheeses. For dessert, our tip is to try the Tiramisu. The mousse is whipped to perfection giving it a light, airy texture. The perfect way to end a big meal so you don’t feel bloated.


Obikà is located on 25 Bank Street, Canary Wharf. Going by tube or DLR is super easy as you just need to head to Jubilee Place, and exit at the far end of the mall. By car, we’d recommend parking in the Jubilee Place car park.

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