Montecristo Grand Edmundo Limited Edition 2010 Review

As a last minute decision on Saturday I decided to join some family members to my second visit to the beautiful Boisdale in Canary Wharf for a nice drink and indulge my taste buds in my second cigar in two days (it had been a tough week at work and I decided I rather deserved to treat myself).

Upon arrival I greeted the gents and made my way straight to the fantastic walk-in humidor to take my pick. The gentleman attending the smoking lounge courteously welcomed me in and was a great help, profiling my taste in cigars and making the most ideal suggestions. However, I decided to go against his suggestions as soon as I spotted 5 boxes of the Montecristo Grand Edmundo sitting on the top shelf. This was a cigar I’ve read about and being a fan of the Montecristo brand had been hankering to test drive one of these babies.

The gentleman carefully selected a cigar out of the box which was ready to be smoked and once we had exchanged the necessary funds (£27.50) he expertly cut the cap for me and off I was to my seat by my company for the evening.

What I had initially noticed about the cigar was how dark, oily and smooth the wrapper was. Limited editions tend to carry this characteristic but this seemed far more so than others, and to immediate comparability more so than my brother-in-laws Partagas Serie D Especial. The cigar had a great texture. Almost the stuff dreams are made of. The look alone told you this was going to be a very flavourful cigar.

Upon first draw there is a spicy kick, but not quite as much as the Punch Serie D’Oro No.1 I had the night before for the first time. For anybody trying this cigar, savour this moment and this taste. Montecristo are about to blow the doors wide open.

The cigar burnt well leading to a woody flavour, very smooth. A definite medium. It’s difficult to pin a specific flavour on this cigar. You get chocolate, coffee, nuts, all in a creamy smoke.

I did feel the cigar could have been aged a little while longer however and if I did purchase a box I’m sure I would enjoy being able to try these at different aged intervals. It’s difficult to say much in this sense when buying a cigar at a cigar bar as you do not know if they have been aged and for how long.

The cigar burnt well to the end and finished in a vanilla aroma which was a perfect end to a lovely cigar. Almost like the dessert at the end of your meal. I quite enjoyed this cigar but you do wonder at a fairly large markup from the Edmundo if it is worth it. The Edmundo is after-all one of my favourite cigars.