Monkey Shoulder Social Club Is Back

If there is one thing we love about Monkey Shoulder (apart from their amazing whisky) it’s their ability to throw a dam good party.

So imagine our delight when we heard that Monkey Shoulder is back with the next instalment of its popular series of Social Club events. Each event has a different theme and the latest event is Monkey Shoulder’s AeroDynamic Party!

Out of this world Monkey Shoulder cocktails will be available during the evening that will have you reaching for the skies.

Enjoy cocktail creations in dry ice clouds, relax at the parachute bar, and be prepared to get involved to win free drinks and/or other Monkey Shoulder treats with their AREO themed interactive installations.

Monkey Shoulder

Whether you like your cocktail served UP, AERO or poured FREEFALL over the rocks, Social Club will be your chance to experience some blue sky thinking when it comes to enjoying Monkey Shoulder.

If you haven’t heard us talking about Monkey Shoulder Social Club? Then read on…

It’s the kind of place you go to experience something new. To try something different. To let your hair down. It’s a series of events for the young at heart but savvy with their choices. It’s a night of fun, frivolity and downright tasty Scotch cocktails.

Each Social Club event will be different and have a theme. Well, it’s more of an excuse to do new and crazy installations, cocktails and kick ass party games than a theme… However – the drinks, entertainment and are all based around the name of the night.

If you want to take part and trust us, it’s worth it, you can get tickets by clicking here

This event is open to all who love Monkey Shoulder, and cost £15.00.

Included in the ticket price is 3 Monkey Shoulder whisky cocktails.
Monkey Shoulder Social Club – AeroDynamic Party
Date: Thursday 14th May
Time: 18.30 – 22.00
Venue: Hoxton Arches
Address: 402 Cremer Street, London , E2 8HD