Matt Goss – Royal Albert Hall – The Review

I’ve been banging on about this for a while, but last Friday saw the Wolf Pack (my stag party) reunite for a 1 night special reunion to see Matt Goss at the Royal Albert Hall.

We made a pact in Vegas after seeing him perform in the Gossy Room that we would reunite when he comes to London.

We ensured the dress code was suits and ties (standard practice). At first some of the guys were upset to be leaving their ‘I Heart MG’ T-shirts at home, but they were ok about it.

As usual, we planned to meet at 6.30 at a local boozer nearby for a few pints, however trying to organise 14 guys is like trying to organise an army to invade a country. Needless to say we met at 7.30 at the venue bar, where we caught up and had a few drinks.

We made our way up to the circle which was surprisingly high, nothing like what we had experienced at the Goosy Room 7 months before, but we didn’t mind as we had seats all together and were in High Spirits as we eagerly awaited Matt to make his way on stage.

His intro involved the James Bond theme tune as he made his way to stage causing the room to erupt mainly by women, which got me thinking ‘are we the only guys here that haven’t been dragged by our other halves?….I think so’.

Matt belted out all the classics from the Bros days, as well as evil, and what is known as our anthem ‘Lovely Las Vegas’.
He also sang his new track Fighting for Love, which was stuck in my head all day Saturday (in a good way – its very catchy).

Post the show, we made our way to the after party (were hooked up like that) and carried on the night with Matt, Mitch Winehouse, Robin Antin as well as hundreds of screaming women….not for us, for him.

I also was privileged to meet Matt Goss’s mum, who was a very nice lady and you could see that they are very close, which reminded me of the relationship I have with my mum.

Overall the concert was great as usual, but I can only recommend seeing him perform at the GossyRoom in Vegas. It’s more intimate and you can full appreciate his performance.

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