Matt Goss – Las Vegas to London

CTC’s favourite crooner is coming back to London next month and we were lucky enough to catch Mr Matt Goss live at Caesars Palace last month in The Gossy Room as part of his residency in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are no strangers to Matt Goss’s show, having witnessed it the year before and then again last November when he wowed thousands of us at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

For anyone that hasn’t heard about the show, Matt has left his boy band days behind him and opted for a Rat Pack style show filled with classic Sinatra, hits from Stevie (wonder in case you was wondering) as well as classic Bros songs that have been given the big band treatment.

Our night at the Gossy Room began after a long day at a pool party (and lots of Alcohol) The time was around 6pm and as we managed to sober ourselves up and get dressed into our suits we hit the road in true Rat Pack style.

We hopped into a cab and when the driver asked where we were going we simply said “The Gossy Room”.
You could tell the look of approval from the cab driver because he simply nodded, smiled and started driving. As we pulled up we were greeted by a massive poster for the show showcasing that a fellow south London lad had made it and we were about to witness the show that knows how to party.

As we arrived we were kindly shown to our seats by the friendly staff and made our first drinks order.

The show kicked off with a James Bond theme to introduce Matt to the stage. At this point the room was buzzing as Matt started belting the hits out.

Within the first song something happened! Mid song, Matt came over and shook our hands welcoming us to the Gossy room which if anything boosted our Rat Pack image making everyone in the room wonder “who are those guys”?

Watching the show for the second time for us, we were worried it would be the same routine, however it was like seeing a new show altogether.

Matt was of course on-point with his version of Feeling Good (one of our fav’s) and surprised us when he also sang I’ve Got The World on a String which we would like to think was dedicated to us (we can dream)!

Matt brought the tempo back up with his swing versions of ‘I Owe You Nothing’ and ‘When Will I Be Famous’, which naturally had us singing along.

If this hasn’t sold it into the guys reading this, then there is one final thing that will… they are called the Dirty Virgins and that is all we have to say on that matter! See the picture for further reasoning…

The show delivered for us and Matt was even kind enough to pose with everyone for pictures after the show. We made our way over to say thank you for a great night and he also thanked us for spreading the good word about the show.

The show is a great way to spend an evening in Las Vegas and the closest you will get to re-living the Rat Pack Vegas lifestyle. The setting is intimate making you feel like you are back in the 60s in a small Jazz bar.

Each time we have gone we have made the effort to dress up in suits and you find ladies travel from all around the world to see the show. We went last year in a team of 17 guys all suited and booted and had one of the best nights of our lives.

For those that can’t afford the air fare to Las Vegas or just simply cannot wait, have no fear as Mr Matt Goss is coming to London for some intimate shows at London’s Bush Hall.

The tickets have sold out which is testament to how great the show is and how big the word is spreading. There are 2 artists we wish we could’ve seen in our lifetime, 1 being Frank Sinatra and the other being Michael Jackson – we’re glad Matt Goss will never go on that list!

Get clicking and let us know if you have been and what you thought of the show.

Matt Goss is an avid Twitterer (is that the word?) and can be found here

He also fronted a Ciroc Vodka advert alongside rapper Diddy, which just goes to he’s the man!