Luxury Mercedes People Carrier Gets Pimped Big Time!

We came across this last night and had to share with you all. There’s big pimpin and then there is BIG Pimpin!
The luxury mobile office company have released the ultimate in luxury transportation in their latest Mercedes people carrier.

With an interior that resembles a private jet, you could be whizzing around town surrounded by walnut and chrome fittings. And a built in fridge to store your cold drinks on a hot day.

Mercedes Tosca Luxury windows

You’ll also find 4 fold out tables and B&O premium audio/TV/DVD with two plasma screens.

And if your worrying about how to post that all important selfie of you in the Mercedes carrier have no fear as it comes with built in 4G wi-fi. #Fast

And to top it all off, the car comes with black-out windows enabling you to do what you like when you like without the paparazzi trying to get a pic of you*
*Subject to you actually being famous

Mercedes Tosca Luxury interior2

Nobody likes the sound of London traffic, especially while you’re trying to stream the finale of Breaking bad, so the interiors are hand-painted with bitumin to reflect the sound from the outside making it extra sound-proof.

Mercedes Tosca Luxury fridge

How much does this marvelous Mercedes cost you ask. Well you can’t buy it but you can lease it in the London area
Check out more at The luxury mobile office company’s website here

Wonder if it has a humidor built in?