London Late Night Dining

Burning the candle at both ends? Late night deadlines to be met? Or simply looking for a place to dine with style at midnight? We at Cut The Cap have oft been found in this situation with nowhere to turn – but fear not, our guide to the top three is here…

There really are no excuses for ending up in PFC again (Is that really chicken?).

3. Duck & Waffle

Open Till: 24/7

Fare: Umm… the clue’s in the name? Other than the classic, D&W also offer treats such as carlingford rock oysters and spicy ox cheek doughnuts (complemented with apricot jam). #Decadence.

Why? It’s the highest restaurant in the UK (so we hear) – so get up to the 40th floor and enjoy the view.

dw 2

2. Balans Soho

Open till: 24/7

Fare: Think: Breakfast & Brunch. Just a really really early one

Why? It’s Soho – you’ve enjoyed a cigar, you’ve sampled some whiskies, it’s on your doorstep.

blns1. Gaucho Broadgate

Open Till: 1am – Weds to Saturday

Fare: Argentina’s finest (Steaks, Empanadas…)

Why? Regular readers will know we think highly of this spot – sophisticated but with an unpretentious vibe – Gaucho is a comfortable setting with mates / dates or colleagues. CGW – can’t go wrong. Check their late night menu here – their Choripan will round off any evening perfectly and have you checking flights to Buenos Aires on your way home.

gau 2

Any secret spots? Any hot tips to share? Drop us a comment and we’ll be exploring soon.