LA. Noire First Look

  So yesterday I was invited to an exclusive screening to see footage of the upcoming LA Noire video game from Rockstar games.

LA Noire

The game is set in 1940s LA and you play a detective solving cases around town. I was told that the cases were researched form real events that happened in the 40’s.

You start off as a traffic cop and as you solve more cases, you are rewarded with promotions to detective where the cases get juicer and juicerThe effects look amazing, A video showed how they were able to capture different expressions of the actors using a room with over 30 cameras.

This will take gaming to another level. No longer will we be happy with just a moving jaw and still body.

Part of the game involves interrogating witnesses and suspects and deciding if think they are lying or telling the truth.

I will be reviewing the game once I receive a copy but the game but from what I’ve seen its like Grand Theft Auto meets Heavy Rain.

I’m assuming somewhere in the game, someone will be smoking a cigar as its pre-American Embargo

Here’s the trailer: