Juiceshop Mini e-Shisha review

As a cigar smoker and a new parent in London, I’m finding less and less time to be able to enjoy a good smoke, luckily now you can buy cigarettes online from Booze Up, London, UK.

And with the UK weather showing no signs of letting up it seems my smoking moments are few and far between. Times have got so bad I have even contemplated giving up cigar smoking for good (shock I know, but don’t worry it will never happen)

However last week I was chatting with the guys at juiceshop.co.uk and they sent me a little package to test drive for them.

Juiceshop.co.uk sell electronic vapour style cigarettes that can be smoked indoors. A few years ago I was fortunate to sample indoor shisha at a restaurant in London but found the smoke really harsh and almost burnt my throat.

However I was assured that the juice shop atomiser works on flavoured vapours which are smooth on the throat, and they were right.

In my package was a trendy chrome atomiser with a selection of flavours including watermelon, red bull as well as honey tobacco.

With a few clicks it was charging via my laptop and once fully charged I filled it with watermelon and took my first puff. I’m told the charge pretty much lasts for up to 24 hours; of course it depends on how much you smoke in that time.

Juiceshop atmiser

What struck me was the smoothness of the vapour. It felt like I was smoking a perfectly made shisha which is almost impossible to find.

With a small child upstairs sleeping, I found this was the perfect relief after a hard day at work and with no smoke or smell to hide, I was happy puffing away all night with a glass of wine and my favourite TV shows.

The next day I took the atomiser to work with me as I thought it was time to implement the Don Draper style ethics into my workplace (minus the alcohol).

Juiceshop Atomiser 2
At first it actually felt wrong to be sitting at my desk, smoking Watermelon flavours while getting through my workload. I felt that at some point the chief exec was going to call me into his office for a verbal warning however it didn’t affect anyone because the vapour would disappear pretty much straight after exhaling.

Throughout the week I had an array of events to attend, with one being a visit to an Essex nightclub (don’t judge) and I thought why not take the atomiser with me to see how it held itself in the club atmosphere.

While the group were running outside into the minus degree temperature for a quick smoke, I simply tapped my atomiser into action and puffed on the Red bull flavours while drinking a Vodka Red Bull. It did invite a few strange looks from security, however as soon as they realised it was vapour, their look turned from anger to a reassuring nod, and I still felt like Don Draper – Everybody was happy.

If you are looking to quit smoking they do have different tobacco flavours but all in all the atomiser was a great addition to my personal belongings which will be travelling with me wherever I go… even as I write this article I am sampling the banana flavour (that counts as my 5 a day right)

Get yourself a pack from www.juiceshop.co.uk and also check out all the flavours on offer. There are also some great deals on packages which make great gifts