Johnnie Walker Blue Label Launch City Edition Bottles At The Shard

Sometimes it’s great to live in the UK. Cuban cigar access is the main reason but last week we were given two more reasons in the form of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and a visit to Gong at the shard

It was all to celebrate that Johnnie Walker Blue Label have launched two stunning City Edition bottles, celebrating the spirit of two of the UK’s most iconic cities: London and Edinburgh.


The intricately designed limited editions and their striking presentation boxes take the viewer on a journey through the streets of London and Edinburgh, featuring the unique architecture and attractions that make up the cities’ distinctive city skylines.

Only 4,000 of these exquisitely designed bottles have been created, with each individually hand numbered to create a must-have gift for whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike.

With only 4,000 of these bottles created, with each individually hand numbered they are certain to become a valued collector’s item in no time at all.

To celebrate the launch of these exclusive limited editions, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has partnered with GŎNG at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London and Scotch at The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, (two landmarks featured within the limited edition designs) to create two exclusive cocktail serves.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Shard - Gong Bar- Shard City Edition

These delicious cocktails celebrate the best of these extraordinary cities with the remarkable smoothness of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

We took a trip up the Shard to visit Gong and try their exclusively created cocktail called ‘Eagle Eye’.

Named because of the view from Gong offering a 360 degrees view of London, like an eagle (not the Shia Le Beouf movie)

Gong is located on the 52nd floor and offers a truly magnificent view of London.

The cocktail was created by Christian Maspes who works at GŎNG at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London.

Blue Label Shard - Gong Bar- Shard

‘Known for their intently watchful, sharp and supreme sight across some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, the eyes of an eagle are estimated to be up to eight times stronger than that of a human’s.

The idea of such skill and precision – the same qualities Johnnie Walker apply when creating their rarest blend of whiskies – together with GŎNG’s unrivalled views over London were the inspiration behind the ‘Eagle Eye’, a specially created cocktail to mark the launch of Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s limited City Edition bottle, celebrating London’s iconic skyline.’

What’s in the cocktail you ask? Well here are the ingredients which Christian told us was all locally sourced from Borough Market (except the Whisky obviously).

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Shard City Edition - Eagle Eye

– 45ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label
– 2-3 dashes Abbott’s Bitters
– 15ml Barolo Chinato
– Homemade strawberry and peppercorn shrub
– Garnished with blue ‘Johnnie Walker Striding Man walking stick’ meringue

Here’s how he made it:
Fill a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Pour all ingredients into the shaker and stir for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Shard City Edition -Eagle Eye 2


Of course we wouldn’t recommend making it yourself. Take a trip to Gong and experience the Eagle Eye for yourself.

The “Eagle Eye” will be available at GONG through to July, priced at £17.00.

An ‘on the rocks’ version will also be available upon request if you ask nicely.

Of course if you can’t get down to London and are in Edinburgh you can also check out the ‘Famously Edinburgh’ created by Fraser Robson, Whisky Ambassador at Scotch, the whisky Bar at The Balmoral Hotel

‘The inspiration behind the Famously Edinburgh cocktail came from my experience of the city and all that it is known and loved for. I thought about what was famous in the city and how that relates to local people, what they famously enjoy doing and where.

Whisky and tea are ingrained in every great Scot. Johnnie Walker is the world’s most famous whisky and here at The Balmoral, situated at Edinburgh’s most famous address, guests visit for the finest cup of tea in town. These three pillars gave me the basis of my creation. Starting with a double measure of Johnnie Walker Blue Label I looked at how I could incorporate the tea.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Shard City Edition - Gong Bar Sunset 2
Sunset View From Gong At The Shard

Edinburgh locals tend to have a sweet tooth so I added a tea infused sugar syrup as a nod to that Edinburgh tradition. I was careful to ensure that Johnnie Walker Blue Label was at the forefront of the cocktail and selected some whisky barrel-aged bitters and Fino sherry to heighten those flavours.

The city and the people of Edinburgh are renowned for their elegant ways so there was only one piece of glassware for the occasion – a Champagne coupe.’

Here’s the ingredients:
– 50 ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label
– 15ml Famous Edinburgh tea infused sugar syrup
– 10ml Fino Sherry
– 2 dashes whisky barrel-aged bitters
– Orange zest to spray over the glass

Johnnie Walker host whiskey tasting event to celebrate World Whiskey Day on 16 May at Kensington Roof Gardens, London, Britain on 5 May 2015.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label city editions are available for £199 and can be picked up from specialist retailers as The Whisky Shop