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Got a New Years resolution to get yourself beach-body ready? Well you, my friend, have landed at the right article!

We know, the nights have drawn in and its cold but now is the time to be hitting the gym and sculpting that body. However, there is no point in killing yourself in the gym if you don’t take on board the right fuel…. enter iSupp is a cutting edge Sports Nutrition Company who aim to tell customers the truth about supplements and educate them along the way!

iSupp workout

 We caught up with iSupp Co Founder’s Samuel Wright and Paul Booth and there message was clear… “Dream Physiques are actually made outside of the gym. Think about it, based on a training regime of 1hour a day 5 days a week – just 3% of your week is actually spent exercising. Leaving 97% of the week for all that hard training and sweat to be ruined by poor uneducated diet and lifestyle choices. Paul says “you simply can’t out train a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle. By making intelligent choices not only with your diet but more importantly with sports nutrition you can see huge acceleration in goal achievement time”

It takes 21 days to create a habit and iSupp want to make a intelligent supplementation become a habit that becomes a lifestyle… Trust us when we say we know the Supplement Industry is awash with Brands and Products, which bombard the consumer with hype about “the next big thing” and make unrealistic promises about what their products will deliver.

Change nothing, Nothing Changes

Samuel Wright explained “When a customer chooses iSupp we know they care enough about their health and fitness and have realised that what goes in – has a big impact on the results seen in the mirror every morning. Nutrition isn’t simple and macro nutrition is even more complex. That’s why we have done that thinking for the consumer”

Right then lets talk Products…

iSupp Products are not only made of the highest quality ingredients, they are virtually lactose free (hooray, no more shitting through the eye of a needle!) and contain minimal fillers. Looking further under the bonnet we found the product range has been scientifically developed to contain only the purest ingredients and provide essential micronutrients – thank you GCSE science.

There’s even more good news too… when buying from iSupp specific goal guidance (see list below) is also provided so you can quickly navigate your way to the right products for you. Currently there are 11 key products in the range  but we have it on good authority that this is going to very quickly grow.

Goal Specifics Areas have been tailored as follows:

  • Lean Muscle Definition
  • Sports Performance
  • Size, Strength and Power
  • Weight Loss
  • Support

Minimal branding has been developed and iSupp have stayed away from endorsing their product packaging with the false promises of topless men and women seen across the majority of competitors. The reason behind this is simple explains Paul Booth “This can be off putting to the mainstream consumer, Supplementation is beneficial for everyone and will help achieve your goal – often imagery on packing can alienate the customer into thinking the product is only for the super fit / professional athlete”. Maintaining the trend with simple, truth laden product names will help the brand cross the barrier and retail mainstream.  Be sure to  look for VITEX Pure 400 MG – Natural PMS Relief, Balance Hormones, Regulate Your Cycle, Promote Skin Health – Chasteberry – Full-Spectrum & Standardized – 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules

“Goal specific products advice is available in a simple format, on our website which was designed on a tight 4 click purchase protocol” explains Samuel Wright, the average web user spends 8 seconds and 2 mouse clicks looking for information – if this is not available they are off and onto the next Google search result. Buying iSupp products will not only be easy but also rewarding when the results are seen in the mirror.

iSupp was formulated and launched in 2012 and aims to be one of the top worldwide sports nutrition brands. With a core ethos of education, dedication and desire will create peak performance and physical condition – iSupp’s mantra is – Knowledge is Power!

Watch this space as Cut The Cap transforms themselves in the next 12 weeks…!

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