Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Review

So Friday arrives and our fresh shipment of Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2 arrives with it, bringing joy and happiness and lots of warm feelings one could only get with the arrival of a long-missed and much loved family member. This could only mean one thing! Family gathering at the in-laws on Sunday (how I lasted that long is a mystery far beyond the capabilities of my mind).

And as per tradition, me, my brother in law, father in law, and my wife’s cousin had made our way outside and placed our garden chairs delicately around the patio heater after our glorious sunday roast and picked a vitola each for our dessert.

A pre-light draw gave a great chocolatey aroma mixed in with a subtle hint of cinnamon, evidently a very delicate premium flavour.

The wrapper was not oily at all. A light shade of brown that was very even in texture and colour throughout. Almost like a great quality milk chocolate that only the Belgians could have crafted.

Even feel all the way through with good bounce though slightly tougher than I would have liked.

So after my inspection of the cigar I lit it with great delight to an explosion of flavour. Really strong chocolate, cinnamon, and earthy tones completely free of other spicy distractions.

Through the first third this flavour started to even out in to the more earthy tones slowly (and unfortunately) losing that cocoa goodness. However, don’t be put off by this. The earthy aroma grows within the cigar and really gives a great deal of pleasure.

Through the second and final third that aroma stays the same and that is just fantastic. You really enjoy the smoke and given that this is a cigar just under 5″ in my opinion ends at the perfect time.

I’ve slowly learnt that there are few bad cigars. There are merely great cigars which do things differently. And that, for cigar lovers such as myself, is the beauty of a Cuban. Even somebody with complete disregard for the earthy aromas could fall in love with this robusto. It does it what it does so well that given you are in the right mood, I wouldn’t look further than the HDM Epicure No. 2. I now know I must keep one at all times in my beloved humidor.

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