Havana Club Tributo 2016 Limited Edition Announced

The Habanos Festival took place recently in Havana Cub and amongst the news of new cigars that should be hitting our shores, Havana Club rum also announced the release of Havana Club Tributo 2016 Limited Edition.

According to Cuban Master Rum Maker Asbel Morales, the product’s mastermind, this is a limited edition of 2,500 bottles distilled with the finest bases of aged rums.

This is not just another product, another brand, but a gem of Cuban rum culture,” he said.


“The Cuban rum stands out because of three elements: Cuba’s climate, which is perfect when it comes to planting sugarcane and getting high-quality molasses; natural aging process in consecutive stages and the knowhow of Cuban master rum makers that has been passed from generation to generation for over 150 years,” he explained.

Each edition of the Havana Club Tributo collection will be unique, thus delivering a new tasting experience by trying out different rum bases. “The product we now show you has been produced with rums aged in eight-decade-old casks, which were carefully blended with others to come up with a scented and intense taste with notes of tropical dried fruits and dark amber color,” the expert went on to say.

The luxurious case –blue and gilt- makes it stand out and the label shows Cuban Master Rum Maker Asbel Morales’ signature. Each bottle is numbered offering a truly limited edition product.

We are told the 2016 edition features 40 percent ABV (alcohol per volume) and, starting on March 1, it’ll be available in Cuba and such countries as Mexico, Germany and Switzerland for a price tag of $350.

We have contacted Havana Club to see if it will be hitting the UK, so as soon as we know more we will try and get our hands on some for a tasting.

We were lucky enough to meet Asbel Morales when he was in London last summer for the Hunters & Frankau summer party and chatted (via his translator) about the great rum he produces.