Its been a busy few weeks for a world famous bartender…

Havana Club Rum have been making some noise over at Asia de Cuba for the last couple of weeks with events celebrating Cuban cocktails, music and food  – inspiration at its best!

havana_club_logo El Floridita in Havana, Cuba is one of the oldest and most well-known bars in the world and has been mixing classic cocktails since 1817. For the last month, Alejandro Bolivar, the Head ‘Cantinero’ (bartender) from El Floridita has been in London to host a number of special events, in what has been known as Cuba Quincena

Alejandro has been the Head Bartender at the iconic El Floridita in Havana for the last 15 years. The restaurant and bar, El Floridita, is world-famous for its daiquiris, invented by its original owner, Constantino Ribalaigua, in the early 1930s. Ernest Hemingway spent many hours at El Floridita and affectionately named it the ‘The Cradle of the Daiquiri’. Other notable artists and intellectuals who spent time there include Graham Greene and Ezra Pound. History lesson over, what was Alejandro upto apart from smoking cigars with us!

For the last two week, Alejandro has been found at the Armoire Bar in Asia de Cuba, mixing his renowned daiquiris and paired with this has been an exclusive menu including Asia de Cuba’s delicious Crab Croqueta, Calamari Salad, Braised Oxtail and Kimchee steamed dumplings, ‘Ropa Vieja’ of Duck, and Tunapica giving diners the opportunity to experience a taste of Cuba.


Also back by popular demand is the Dim Sum Brunch, with the addition of utterly authentic live three-piece Cuban band, Son Yambu, set to enhance the festivities. Guests can enjoy a selection of Asia de Cuba classics, along with freshly prepared dim sum to accompany wonderful Cuban cocktails – not a bad way to spend a few hours that for sure.

One tip we learnt from hanging out with Alejandro is if you find yourself in Cuba take a couple of bottles of Luxardo liqueur with you – they are worth there weight in gold to bartenders…