Gin Focused Ginvent Comes To London For Christmas

A famous person once said “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and with that came a season of goodwill for all. And nothing says festive than Gin Foundrys upcoming pop up ginvent running from Friday 16th – Sunday 18th December.

What is Ginvent and how to I get there? I hear you ask. Well look no further…

Gin Foundry, the creators of the original gin advent calendar, Ginvent, will be bringing its booze-filled countdown to life with an immersive pop-up bar in the heart of Soho.


Guests will be able to immerse themselves in a world of discovery and actually climb inside Ginvent for the first time this year. Located at The Vinyl Factory on Poland Street, Ginvent will transform the venue into a fully-fledged festive gin den.

Fueling the festive season with a juniper laced journey of discovery, hidden behind each door of the Ginvent calendar is a different 30ml dram of gin to be enjoyed, including everything from an award-winning Finnish gin through to seemingly magical colour-changing gins, sloe gins, Navy Strength, Old Tom, Barrel Aged, fruit infused and more.

Need more convincing?
A variety of masterclasses and tastings will also be taking place over the weekend. From Speed Tastings to cocktail slurping via a ’12 Days of Christmas’ Ginvent Odyssey, there is plenty for discerning drinkers to expand their horizons.

You’ve worked hard all year so why not treat yourself for a chance and who knows you may just discover a new Gin to impress everyone on Christmas Day.

Events taking place over the weekend are:

Speed Tastings
Saturday 17th December, Sunday 18th December – 2 hours. £15
Swap the usual anxiety of speed dating for gin this Christmas, to find your perfect match. After a welcome G&T, six brands will need to woo you with their gins, as you sample them neat and in a miniature G&T. Decide for yourself, as you learn how the spirits are made and best served. You may not find your future spouse, but you’re bound to find a gin that’ll keep you warm through the winter.

An Evening With…
Friday 16th December, Saturday 17th December – 2 hours. £20
Three Ginvent gins will play host to this evening event, each offering a chance to try their spirits in a festively elaborate cocktail. After a welcome G&T, you can rock around our Christmas tree while three superbly boozy cocktails gradually make their way to you. With three cocktails and a G&T for £20, Christmas is coming early…

12 Days of Christmas
Sunday 18th December – 2 hours. £20
Gin Foundry’s Olivier Ward will talk you through 12 of the Ginvent gins, as you learn  to articulate flavours and match them to garnishes. As gin always has more fun with its fizzy friend, a handy supply of Fever-Tree tonics will be available to stir in with your samples.
Tickets for the unmissable Ginvent pop-up can be purchased from Eventbrite or the Ginvent website.

We did reach out to find out if the Michael Bublé Christmas album will be played – we sure hope so.