Ghost Bar Day Club – Las Vegas

So New Year’s Eve for most people involves rushing around, stocking up on whatever alcohol you can get your hands on before making your way to the local Iceland supermarket to grab the last of the festive 75 piece platters.

For me this year, I had the pleasure of waking up to the sight of the Las Vegas Boulevard.

I had woken up with a bad hangover from the night before, but not wanting to let it stop me enjoying Vegas, I wolfed down a steak and grabbed a cab over to the Palms to spend an afternoon at the GBDC (Ghost Bar Day Club)

As we approached the Palms, we could already see people dancing from the balcony of Ghost bar which only got my adrenalin pumping more.

What made the event even more special was that Snooki from Jersey Shore was hosting the night (yes we all know I like Jersey Shore)

As we entered the lift, I could feel the adrenalin kicking in and as the lift got higher and higher and as we got closer we could begin to hear the beat pumping form the house music coming from the club.

Like a crescendo, as the lift doors opened it was like walking into a music video. There were dancers on the bar, there were women on stilts dancing, all matched perfectly to an amazing soundtrack supplied by the DJ.

We grabbed a drink (water for me) and headed out to the terrace to enjoy the unusually warm December rays. I couldn’t help but feel like I was in Ibiza, with the sun shining and the music pumping – I felt I was home.

In a strange way the music and atmosphere actually helped my hangover and once I finished my water – I was back on the Vodka red bulls. (coincidentally Red Bull  Las Vegas were the sponsor of the event)

Then Snooki arrived and the club went nuts. There was security everywhere, cameras flashing and people calling Snooki for a photo (yes I was one of them)
I tried to get in line to grab a photo, but I think the fact that I was male left me as a big disadvantage. However I didn’t let it get me down because the club had such a great vibe and atmosphere about it.

GBDC was a great way to spend New Year’s Eve afternoon. The music was on point, the people were friendly and the vibe was perfect.

We had to leave early to ensure we could get back to the hotel before the road was blocked off that evening, so missed the piñata and all the other shenanigans, but I will be back!

I’d recommend anyone to stop by GBDC on a visit to Vegas. The day club kicks off every Saturday from 1pm.

If you are planning on going. I’d recommend getting on the guest list. Check out all the info and contacts you need here at

I did have some great pics and videos, however I lost my camera  🙁