Freedom of the DJ: Sonic Sound

We think you should know about this, and by this we mean the blu UK series called Freedom of the DJ.

Sonic Sound, the final episode of the Freedom of the DJ series, provides an electrifying insight into the world of the dance music and delves deep into the ever-evolving world of sound design within the clubbing experience. With exclusive footage from leading DJs and industry pioneers, Sonic Sound explores everything from technology and venue acoustics to the importance of sound quality.

Featuring Tony Andrews, founder of Funktion One, Daddy Ad of Trojan Sound System, DJ Mark Knight and more, Sonic Sound leads the debate on whether modern technical capability has seen sound quality reach its peak and asks what the future holds for sound innovation in and out of the club.

As you know we’re all about getting the best quality out of life and in this episode the much-debated topic of sound quality is explored and sees a mix of opinions on whether MP3s belong in the clubs. Is it right that digital formats now dominate the sound systems of venues that were once formerly home only to vinyl playing sound connoisseurs? Can you tell the difference? Have modern DJs got into bad habits?

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Brought to you by blu UK, the innovational and industry leading electronic cigarette brand, Sonic Sound reveals the importance of DJs and sound engineers working side-by-side and shines a light on the hard work behind the scenes that goes into making truly electrifying club experiences.

A fitting finale for the Freedom of the DJ series, the episode reveals the passion that sound experts have for music, technology and innovation. Whether reveling in a no frills club with solid acoustics or sussing out how to transport the clubbing experience from conventional venues and into a field, the passion of the pro is an inspiration.

During the series, Freedom of the DJ has followed legendary drum and bass DJ Marky, examined the origins of dance music from disco to Liverpool, the decline of London’s iconic clubs, and the world of live streaming.

Watch Sonic Sound here

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